Bálint Bajomi

Bálint Bajomi

Public outreach expert
Research associate

Bálint is finalizing his PhD at ELTE University, Hungary. His research topic is about the reintroduction of endangered animal species. He is a photograher and reporter at National Geographic Hungary. You can find his articles here (in Hungarian). Last but not least he is working as a communication expert in the lab of Péter Török.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Selected publications (Publication download is only permitted for research and educational use.)

  1. Fehér, Z., Majoros, G., Ötvös, S., Bajomi, B. & Sólymos, P. (2018): Black nerite – an aquatic snail re-introduction in Hungary. In Soorae, Pritpal S. (szerk): Global Re-introduction Perspectives: 2018. Case-studies from around the globe. IUCN/SSC Re-introduction Specialist Group, Environmental Agency, Gland, Svájc; Abu-Dhabi, Egyesült Arab Emírségek. [pdf]
  2. Fehér, Z., Majoros, G., Ötvös, S., Bajomi, B. & Sólymos, P. 2017. Successful reintroduction of the endangered black nerite, Theodoxus prevostianus (Pfeiffer, 1828) (Gastropoda: Neritidae) in Hungary. Journal of Molluscan Studies 83: 240-242. [pdf]
  3. Tatár, S., Bajomi, B., Specziár, A., Tóth, B., Müllerné Trenovszki, M., Urbányi, B., Csányi, B., Szekeres, J. & Müller, T. 2017. Habitat establishment, captive breeding and conservation translocation to save threatened populations of the Vulnerable European mudminnow Umbra krameriOryx 51: 718-729. [pdf]
  4. Čanády, A., Krišovský, P., Bajomi, B., Huber, A., Czabán, D. & Olekšák, M. 2016. Is new spread of the European beaver in Pannonian basin an evidence of the species recovery? European Journal of Ecology 2: 44-63. [pdf]
  5. Bajomi, B., Pullin, A.S., Stewart, G.B. & Takács-Sánta, A. 2010. Bias and dispersal in the animal reintroduction literature. Oryx 44: 358-365. [pdf]