Edina Tóth-Szabó

Edina Tóth-Szabó

Assistant research fellow

Edina is a research fellow at the MTA-DE Lendület Functional and Restoration Ecology Research Group, and at the Department of Ecology, University of Debrecen. She received her PhD in early 2018, the topic of her doctoral dissertation was the effects of grazing on saline grasslands in relation to grazing intensity. During her research work she is also focusing on this topic and she is responsible for the creation of PADAPT (Pannonian Database of Plant Traits). In her work, she tries to explore the trait-based effects of grazing on different grasslands. She considers it important to create a database containing data on the Hungarian flora so that local researches can give a more realistic picture of the management of our valuable grasslands.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research topics

  • Study of the effects of nature conservation grazing on alkali and loess grasslands.
  • Creation of PADAPT, the Pannonian Database of Plant Traits.
  • The role of spatial dispersal ability and seed bank formation in the vegetation dynamics of Central European grasslands.


Selected publications (Publication download is only permitted for research and educational use.)

  1. Tóth, E., Deák, B., Valkó, O., Kelemen, A., Miglécz, T., Tóthmérész, B. & Török, P. 2018. Livestock type is more crucial than grazing intensity: Traditional cattle and sheep grazing in short-grass steppes. Land Degradation and Development 29: 231-239. [pdf]
  2. Török, P., Valkó, O., Deák, B., Kelemen, A., Tóth, E. & Tóthmérész B. 2016. Managing for species composition or diversity? Pastoral and free grazing systems in alkali steppes. Agriculture, Ecosystem & Environment 234: 23-30. [pdf]
  3. Török, P., Penksza, K., Tóth, E., Kelemen, A., Sonkoly, J. & Tóthmérész B. 2018. Vegetation type and grazing intensity jointly shape grazing effects on grassland biodiversity. Ecology and Evolution 8: 10326-10335. [pdf]
  4. Török, P., Matus, G., Tóth, E., Papp, M., Kelemen, A., Sonkoly, J. & Tóthmérész B. 2018. Both trait-neutrality and filtering effects are validated by the vegetation patterns detected in the functional recovery of sand grasslands. Scientific Reports 8: 13703. [pdf]
  5. Török, P., Kelemen, A., Valkó, O., Miglécz, T., Tóth, K., Tóth, E., Sonkoly, J., Kiss, R., Csecserits, A., Rédei, T., Deák, B., Szűcs, P., Varga, N. & Tóthmérész B. 2017. Succession in soil seed banks and its implications for restoration of calcareous sand grasslands. Restoration Ecology 26: S134–S140. [pdf]