László Erdős

László Erdős

Research fellow

László is a research fellow at the Centre for Ecological Research and the MTA-DE Lendület Functional and Restoration Ecology Research Group. He earned his PhD in vegetation ecology at the University of Pécs (Hungary) in 2013. His research expertise includes conservation implications of spatial heterogeneity in natural and near-natural ecosystems. He is also interested in ecological edges and gradients, with special regard to multivariate edge detection methods, particularly the moving split window (MSW) technique. In addition, László studies the flora and vegetation of the Villány Mountains and the Kiskunság region (Hungary). László has published more than 80 scientific publications and three popular books. In his spare time he reads about environmental ethics and the history of the green movement.

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Research topics

  1. Conservation implications of spatial heterogeneity in natural and near-natural forest-grassland ecosystems
  2. Ecological edges and boundaries, vegetation gradients
  3. Assessing habitat degradation with species-based relative naturalness indicators


Selected publications (Publication download is only permitted for research and educational use.)

  1. Erdős, L., Kröel-Dulay, G., Bátori, Z., Kovács, B., Németh, C., Kiss, P.J. & Tölgyesi, C. 2018. Habitat heterogeneity as a key to high conservation value in forest-grassland mosaics. Biological Conservation 226: 72-80. [pdf]
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  3. Erdős, L., Tölgyesi, C., Horzse, M., Tolnay, D., Hurton, Á., Schulcz, N., Körmöczi, L., Lengyel, A. & Bátori, Z. 2014. Habitat complexity of the Pannonian forest-steppe zone and its nature conservation implications. Ecological Complexity 17: 107-118. [pdf]
  4. Tölgyesi, C., Bátori, Z. & Erdős, L. 2014. Using statistical tests on relative ecological indicator values to compare vegetation units – Different approaches and weighting methods. Ecological Indicators 36: 441-446. [pdf]
  5. Erdős, L., Tölgyesi, C., Cseh, V., Tolnay, D., Cserhalmi, D., Körmöczi, L., Gellényi, K. & Bátori, Z. 2015. Community Ecology 16: 95-105. [pdf]